Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Whether you are looking to assess your customers’ satisfaction, your products’ qualities or simply testing the waters to see whether your clients are looking to switch to your competitors, we provide you with the scientific evaluation of your current status.

Through a combination of surveys and focus groups, we help you understand how many – if any – of your customers are planning to switch, why they might be switching, and to whom they might be considering moving.

Campaigns Monitoring & Evaluation

Have you run a new advertising campaign lately and are looking to assess its impact and effectiveness on raising your brand awareness in the market?

We are here to give an accurate analysis of your campaign likeability, relevance, clarity and ease of remembrance by your target audience.

Branding Monitoring

Looking to choose a name and a brand personality for your new company or product and not sure how your customers will react to it?

Our branding services will help you build an irresistible brand and test how your target market will feel and think about it.

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