Business Analysis

To keep you updated with the forces shaping your market, whether it is your products’ benefits, the attitude of your customer service or the influence your competitors are gaining in the market, we provide you with accurate and comprehensive market insights through consumer surveys, in-depth interviews, mystery shopping and focus groups.

Competitive Analysis

Among other things, our competitive analysis reports help you identify your main competitors’ market share, strengths and weaknesses, and turnover. Moreover, we also outline the structure of their offerings, their pricing strategy, as well as their main promotional channels and unique selling points.

Business Plan

Through a clear roadmap detailing the profile of your target market, the services, and products that will generate your revenue, your cost structure, the human resources and technology infrastructure required and the marketing strategy that will ensure your success, our business planning services help you turn your dream company into a reality.

Multiply Research & Consultancy

Multiply Research & Consultancy is a team of seasoned multidisciplinary market researchers, policy analysts, economists, and business specialists who collaborate to provide accurate and actionable market research and consultancy services.

We offer strategic and independent advisory services to help accelerate public sector competitiveness and development.


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