Ensuring Full Compliance for your Business.

It is our top priority to ensure your business is fully compliant with any and all applicable laws of the land, government regulations, rules, bye-laws, etc. We take pride in our commitment towards compliance with all relevant laws of Pakistan.

We duly make all the following statutory payments related to employees and can ensure the same for your organization as well.

    • Social Security Ordinance 1965
    • Employees Old-Age benefit Act, 1976
    • Group Life Insurance & Medical Insurance

During our working as a service provider and a consultant we ensure:

    • WP Industrial & Commercial Employment (Standing Orders) Ordinance, 1969
    • Workers’ Children (Education) ordinance, 1972
    • Minimum Wages Act 1936
    • Issuance of Appointment Letter to each employee
    • Issuance of Company’s ID Cards
    • Registration of each Employee with EOBI and payment of contribution
    • Registration of each Employee with Social Security if applicable, and payment of contribution
    • Working Hours according to law

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